April 17, 2014

Google’s ‘not-so-secret’ formula

Are you taking advantage of Google’s Webmaster Tools? from Matt Cutts Principal Engineer, Search Quality Team of Google. One of the most widely-discussed parts of Google’s scoring has always been PageRank. That “secret ingredient” is hardly a secret. Here it is. That early paper not only gave the formula for PageRank, but mentioned many of [...]

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April 17, 2010

YouTube Channels help boost SEO

While many companies are still focusing SEO efforts on their websites, there are many other ways to boost search results, especially since results are now comprised of all kinds of content, including videos, images, maps, business listings, tweets and even Facebook Page posts. So how do you expand your efforts without breaking the bank? To [...]

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April 16, 2010

Twitter launches sponsored tweets

Twitter is going to launch its much-anticipated advertising platform on Tuesday, one day before its first-ever developers conference. The ad platform is called “Promoted Tweets” and will start rolling out Tuesday afternoon, beginning with promoted tweets within Twitter Search results. According to AdAge and The New York Times, the platform will allow businesses to insert [...]

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April 14, 2010

Bing soon to take over Yahoo results

Is a Bingized Yahoo Good for Yahoo Search? At some point in the near future, Bing’s results will be taking over Yahoo’s results to some extent. While most will agree that the Microsoft-Yahoo deal will be good for search advertising. Another question would be is it good for people who use Yahoo to search? Are [...]

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