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Skyside’s CMS Gives the Control Back to You

Are you tired of paying for changes on your website? Well those days are over. We believe in giving our clients control over their own websites. We offer a flexible content management system that will give you the ability to easily maintain content on your website without any special technical skills.

Why WordPress ?

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is the most popular blog and CMS platform powering some of the largest websites like the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart, and Macleans and best of all…it’s FREE and the search engines love it too!

Gone are the days of coding a site from scratch and being a slave to a webmaster. WordPress is an out of the box solution for today’s businesses that wish to have an updated, relevant, and well designed website that attracts customers and invokes sales.

 Ease of Use

 Faster implementation

 Low Cost

 Easier Maintenance

 Easy Customization

WordPress Implementation

Skyside specializes in WordPress customization and WordPress implementation. Whether you are looking for a facelift of your current site or stepping online for the very first time you need a website that you can control, maintain and edit on your own and WordPress allows this with ease.

We offer various WordPress related services which includes:

 WordPress Implementation and Setup Services

 WordPress Solution Development

 WordPress Template Designing Services

 WordPress Theme Creation Services

 WordPress Hosting Services

 Custom WordPress Services

Key Features

Design Customization:
Templates are used to generate web pages dynamically. Content presentation can be control by editing of template. Editing of templates are done by template editor tools and other extensions.

Themes / Skins:
We can customize the look and feel with various theme templates and skin available. We can also create a customized template as per need and implement in WordPress .

There are various plugin available free or with some nominal charges which can be integrated with WordPress which extends the capabilities and features.

Sharing of information is core fundamentals of websites and blogs. WordPress supports almost all the available feeds like RDF, RSS 2.0, ATOM and podcasts.

Clean URL
WordPress allows WebPages to confirm clean URL standard and all the links, permalinks can be clean and structured to make the URL search engine friendly.

Inter-blog Communication
Pingback and Trackback features allow interblog communication and share of data. It allows you to connect to other Blogs and other Blogs can connect to you.

Future Posting:
Future posting functionality allows to post in real time but can be published at a defined future date.

Preview allows you to preview your post before posting.

WordPress allows an unfinished post or article to save in draft mode for later publishing or editing.

WordPress allows you to archive your post in a organized manner. You can archive your post in yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, category-wise or author-wise which helps you to manage post in a systematic manner.

WordPress allows visitors to search for various keywords with which they are interested. It is a prebuilt functionality and makes easier for visitors to find information.

There are many other features which come with WordPress.

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