We are a boutique digital marketing agency in Toronto and Vancouver that provide small and medium businesses with the services they need to build their brand – without breaking the bank.

By accepting a limited number of clients each month we ensure HAPPY CLIENTS and fan-$#!@#-tastic results.

Affordable Web Design

A well designed website is not all about aesthetics! At Skyside we look beyond the cover and design you a lightening fast website that is optimized for mobile and yet works and functions perfectly on all sizes of screens. We showcase your brand’s personality with every scroll and integrate cutting edge design, like parallax scrolling, widgets, boxes, images, CTA’s, videos and more – all with the sole focus of highlighting your value proposition and walking your visitor through an exceptional customer journey. If you are needing a modern website that provides a great user experience you have found it.

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Search Engine Optimization

We make websites fast, error-free, and easily crawlable by search engines. A higher rank in the search engines equals more traffic, better leads, and more brand visibility. Don’t be fooled by vanity metrics and promises of #1 results in Google. Our SEO strategies deliver measurable, meaningful and long term results that ensures value for your marketing spend. We keep user experience at the core of our SEO techniques to achieve consistent results over time. If you want honest and tangible results with the opportunity to learn to bring results in house then get in touch to see how we can help.

Google’s new experimental voice style search capabilities look to be the future of search, therefore we always implement our SEO strategies with voice search in mind. This is just another way we help your website stay ahead of your competition.

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Advertising Campaigns

In data we trust – and no one provides more data than Facebook. Our Facebook campaigns will engage your audience and get you more sales. Let us define your perfect customer and create look-a-like and custom audiences that enable your brand to stay top of mind, relevant and in-tune with its’ customer. By utilizing Facebook’s powerful pixel tracking (which provides the lowest cost per customer acquisition by the way) we are able to target the right people by demographics, interests, look-alikes, retargeting and more, providing you with a profitable return on ad spend. We follow the money and want to ensure that your money is put to the best use. It is for this reason we ONLY work with Facebook.

The ULTIMATE Customer Journey.

Tired of throwing money at Facebook and not seeing results?

Let us run a profitable Facebook ad campaign. An ad campaign that results in a proper ROAS (return on ad spend) so you can finally scale your business.

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