Affordable SEO with offices in Toronto and Vancouver

SEO is key if you want your website to be visible and rank well in search engines. The higher you rank the more traffic you receive. Good traffic means better leads, more sales and more brand visibility. In the simplest of terms SEO is the process of structuring your website’s posts, pages, titles and images in a way that makes it easy for Google to index you. Google’s mission is to continue to provide quick and relevant results to their users so if we can structure a website in a way that Google wants, then we increase the odds of being placed (indexed) in the proper results page.

Gone are the days are spoofing the search engines with tiny or invisible fonts, or stuffing keywords into your page or meta description. To achieve search engine success you need an approach that focuses on the end user and is based on legitimate search engine optimization strategies.

Our SEO Process.

Our in-depth SEO Audits equip us with information about where your current SEO results stand – what has done well, what can be improved upon by a few tweaks and what vastly needs to improve. The site audit helps us determine where we should focus our SEO efforts to get the best ROI from your budget.

Our audit includes on-page and off-page SEO factors, mobile penetration, and also gives us an idea on where your website stands in regards to Google Local (Google My Business). Insights into each of these elements help craft a seamless SEO strategy to work from.

Once we have set the groundwork for your campaign, our SEO specialists will benchmark your site against your competitors. This allows us to identify how well you perform in your market space and help identify key gaps for improvement. With this information and the info gained during the site audit we are able to develop an in-depth, tailored SEO strategy.

At this stage we start to implement the digital strategy and begin the process of improving your positioning in Google.  Alternatively, our SEO consultant can liaise with your in-house team and provide recommendations. Our SEO services remain flexible and tailored to your needs.

As part of our SEO services, we conduct regular in-depth SEO analysis on the current state of your implementation strategy. This level of involvement ensures that we stay on top of current trends and allows us to be flexible in our SEO strategies. Remaining up-to-date with the latest Google changes gives us an edge over your competition and allows us to leap frog them in search results if we catch them sleeping on previous (old) results.

With our personalized approach, we work hard to obtain the results our clients want to see from their campaign. No matter the industry or sector, our SEO services can produce results. We work closely alongside each of our clients to maintain a brand-conscious strategy that is built on long term SEO success. Our bespoke and hands on approach ensures that we not only perform but exceed expectations.

Why You Need Google Local SEO.

Google Local is aimed towards local businesses providing local results. Cause when you are looking for a plumber, a landscaper or a Realtor – you kinda need results based on locations near you! In order for Google to provide localized results we need to prove to Google that your business is located in the area you say it is. We do this by ensuring your business follows Google’s ‘Google My Business’ checklist.

  • Google My Business creation and verification
    • Business location inputed into Google Maps
      • Consistent use of business name in listing and social profiles
        • Domain ownership details matching above
          • Review sites (ex. Yelp and others)
            • Social Signals and more…